Friday, April 20, 2018

Car Camera Security Systems

Digital Video Recorder

UNAVAILABLE - Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Vehicle Video Recorder

Event Data Recorder (EDR)

Car Video Accessories


Capture all video activity in & around your vehicle while you are driving and your vehicle is in operation.


Capture events in & around your vehicle both when in use & not in use.

Install CardInstallation :: InstallerNet

OBS has partnered with InstallerNet to provide a national, professional installation solution for customers of our Mobile Watchman™ systems for only $299 - basic installation in most vehicles. Payment is made directly to InstallerNet when you activate your InstallCard.

The InstallCard is supported by a nationwide network of professional mobile electronics installers comprised of more than 1,700 locations. Customers simply go online with their InstallCard and click above on Locate Installer to activate the service, select a local professional installation center and schedule their appointment.

“InstallerNet is a proven installation solution that has performed more than 100,000 managed installations for our client partners,”

For more information on installation please contact InstallerNet at 800-950-9869 or visit

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