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Recorded Event of Criminal Breaking into Vehicle

Here is a captured event as recorded from the Mobile Watchman EDR Car Camera Security System in Brooklyn. This criminal was captured within 48 hours. Please pause the video until it has completly loaded. We have also made the video available on You Tube.

Install with Installernet

Install any of our systems anywhere in the US for only $299 - Covers basic installation in most vehicles


On Board Systems (OBS), a leading manufacturer of mobile video surveillance systems, has partnered with InstallerNet to provide a national, professional installation solution for customers of its Mobile Watchman™ systems. Recognizing the importance of professional installation for a premium product such as Mobile Watchman™, OBS will include InstallerNet’s InstallCard in every box sold by non-installing retailers. Customers who purchase the Mobile Watchman™ system through any authorized retailer will be able to find an approved installation center close to work or home.

Channel 13 Al & Ed's News Story LA

News Video

Al and Eds Autosound California

Al and Eds Autosound California

Al & Ed's Autosound is California’s largest mobile electronics and communications specialist. With 24 store locations, rigorous customer satisfaction standards and innovative practices such as loaner cars during installation, Al & Ed's Autosound aims to provide the best products, customer service and caring.

OBS, Inc. is proud to be strategic partners with Al & Ed's Autosound in California. For additional information or to find a location near you please visit or call 800-353-1212

The Wall Street Journal - January 19, 2006 REINVENTING THE WHEEL

The Wall Street Journal - January 19, 2006

The Wall Street Journal

New Features in Car-Security Systems
January 19, 2006; Page D2

"If you'd like to know how that bumper fell off your car while you went shopping, just take out the SD card (usually located in the glove compartment), put into an SD card reader connected to a PC and you'll see a playback"

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Gregg Moss reports with Brian Singer - For our latest gadget segment, we checked out a new way to keep an eye on your ride...

NBC 9newsGregg Moss 9news Gadget Day

The OBS Mobile Watchman™ EDR Vehicle Security System is a mobile closed-circuit TV system for your car. A bunch of cameras, microphones and a box with an SD card slot, all hooked up to motion sensors, the car alarm, impact sensors, panic button or whatever. The whole thing runs a constant buffer system which, when triggered, will automatically store 2 minutes of the action prior to and after the event.

Besides keeping tabs on potential car thieves, the system is designed for parents interested in checking on teen drivers.

We love technology web sites as we have a technologically advanced product. Recent news from a few of those sites.

Red Ferret Journal - A little vehicular InSight?

The OBS Mobile Watchman™ EDR Vehicle Security System. A mobile CCTV system for your car. A bunch of cameras, microphones and a box with an SD card slot, all hooked up to motion sensors, the car alarm, impact sensors, panic button or whatever. But the cool thing is that it runs a constant buffer system which, when triggered, will automatically store 2 minutes of the action prior to and after the event. Neat. [Thanks Erica].

Engadget - Mobile Watchman (FORMERLY InSight) Complete Security System keeps cars under surveillance

We tend to think alarming our car is overkill (you want it, just take it!), but if you really want to keep an eye on your ride (or on that pesky teenage kid of yours who keeps borrowing it), the Mobile Watchman™ EDR Complete Security System could be just the thing. A set of four security cameras, two mics and an SD card reader, the system can keep track of what’s going on inside and outside of your car and record the info to a continually refreshed buffer. It can also work as a black box, recording the events leading up to an accident. What we really want to do, however, is link this to a GPS tracker and a mobile wireless access point, so we can always see where our car is, and what’s going on inside.

Britain 's Biggest Selling Weekly Car Magazine - Special Issue - Auto Express

OBS, Inc. again has received industry recognition for the Mobile Watchman™ EDR Car Audio & Video Security System. The system is shown here in a Special Edition of Auto Express "Auto Focus - CANDID CAR-MERA. We try the in-car CCTV set to put bite on crooks."

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Car Audio and Electronics Magazine April 2005 (click images to enlarge)


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On Board Systems Newsletter

Denver , CO - OBS, Inc., a Colorado based automotive security and electronics company, continues to experience industry recognition through national car and truck magazines since the release of their Mobile Watchman™ EDR Audio Video Security System.

OBS has been published in numerous car and truck magazines for 2005 that highlight the Mobile Watchman™ EDR product including the April 2005 edition of Car Audio and Electronics Magazine . Other magazines that recently featured the Mobile Watchman™ EDR Audio Video Security System include the February 2005 Truckin Magazine , March 2005 Super Rod Magazine , and Spring 2004 Ford Focus Magazine . "It's exciting to see the automotive and truck industries embrace our technology and innovation," said Brian Singer , President and CEO of OBS, Inc. "This demonstrates there is a real interest and demand for our Mobile Watchman™ EDR product."

Mobile Watchman™ EDR Audio Video Security System is the only device which integrates with a vehicle to monitor activities 24/7 capturing both pre-event and post-event audio and video. Combining 4 hidden cameras, 2 microphones and SD cards, the Mobile Watchman™ EDR system offers the ultimate in vehicle security and protection through a high quality stand alone system. The Mobile Watchman™ EDR's compact form factor allows for discrete and easy installation as well as easy integration with current vehicle systems. In addition to collisions, this device can record damage and theft of property that may have gone unnoticed with a conventional alarm security system.

OBS has increased production in 2005 to meet its growing demand and increased sales. Distribution was recently extended to Great Britain , and OBS is looking to enter new markets towards the end of 2005.


Popular Mechanics

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 3--While the whole world anticipated the outcome of the most publicized, most criticized and most entertaining U.S. presidential election in history, the automotive staff of POPULAR MECHANICS magazine and the PM.Zone Web site was busy stomping shoe leather on one brightly colored synthetic carpet after another yesterday, as the editors covered miles upon aisles of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) here in Glitter Gulch.

Made up primarily of the glitzy Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show and the professional tools and equipment Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) show (both open only to the trades for business-to-business wheelin' and dealin' in two separate convention centers), they collectively represent about $280 billion of U.S. economy. And they get bigger every year.

To help whittle down the flim from the flam--and because you can't attend these shows--we present the POPULAR MECHANICS Editor's Choice Awards for some of the most innovative new products on the market. Also, check out our coverage of General Motors's SEMA contingent from earlier in the week.

Another trend we're noticing here in parts and accessories is a ton of security products permeating the industry. PM automotive editor Don Chaikin cites things like multiple mini cameras and microphones to nab car-jacking or theft perpetrators, and devices for recording vehicle dynamics data before, during and after a collision. Seems like too much Big Brother for us, but if that's what consumers want that's what they'll get.

Editors Choice Popular Mechanics
Left to right: Bill Congdon, Publisher POPULAR MECHANICS; Drew Warot, Managing Partner OBS; Brian Singer, President and Chief Executive Officer OBS; Jim Meigs, Editor-In-Chief, POPULAR MECHANICS.

Mobile Watchman™ EDR Digital Audio/Video Recording Security System
On Board Systems (OBS)
Denver, CO

Mobile Watchman™ EDR's four cameras, plus microphones, record and save to a Secure Digital memory card up to 2 minutes of images and sound prior to and after a trigger event, such as a collision or the application of a panic button, alarm system or motion sensor.

ORDER NOW!! OBS Digital Audio Video Security System as Seen at SEMA 2003

OBS, Inc. would like to announce that our award-winning digital audio video recording system is now available for order!! That's right, now with VIDEO and AUDIO. During the SEMA 2003 show we received valuable feedback regarding the development of our product. One of the most important and frequently requested features was audio recording in addition to video recording. We listened and have created a product that we think sets a new standard in mobile security.

The Mobile Watchman™ EDR system, which won runner-up as best new mobile electronic device at the 2003 SEMA show is currently IN PRODUCTION and is available. We are now accepting orders. Please send your information through our web site at or contact OBS at the number provided to place orders while initial supplies are available. If you miss this initial production you'll need to place an order soon to be assured shipment of your own Mobile Watchman™ EDR Digital Audio Video Event Recorder for the Holidays.

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