Sunday, July 05, 2020

About Us

On Board Systems (OBS, Inc.), headquartered in Denver, CO, is a Colorado-registered "S" Corporation. Our Audio Video Security System represents a revolutionary convergence of security, voice and video technology for mobile applications. The result is that both people and corporations can be more informed when tragedy strikes.

Our solutions are designed to operate with very little impact on a vehicle but with a lot of influence on driving habits and in turn, people who perform criminal acts on others. We harness the power of audio and video to provide concrete evidence when needed.

Since our inception OBS has been focused on developing a new patented device for the automotive aftermarket industry. A low cost solution to meet the security, safety and entertainment demands of consumers.

OBS is currently in production of a new line of in-car digital audio video recording systems designed to protect your vehicle as well as the drivers and passengers inside. The new systems, called Mobile Watchman™, are unlike any other car audio video recording systems in that they not only record events when the car is on the road, but also when the car is shut off.

Unlike conventional alarm systems, the OBS. Inc., Mobile Watchman™ EDR (Event Data Recorder) system can actually help police catch and convict a criminal by providing audio and video of the person committing the crime from multiple angles. The images are stored on separate, removable secure digital card. The Mobile Watchman™ line of systems are also invisible. With the recorders placed underneath the dashboard or under the seat and with the tiny cameras placed at strategic spots inside the cab of the vehicle, our Mobile Watchman™ line is out of sight, but always on the job.

Brian Singer, President & CEO of OBS. Inc., calls the Mobile Watchman™ line of systems a “major breakthrough in the automotive security industry.” Already, the Mobile Watchman™ EDR is having an impact worldwide.

It’s a proven fact. People are less likely to break the law if they know they’re being watched. It’s why cameras are at banks, hospitals, intersections, even sporting events.

So why not put cameras in your car? As a deterrent, car cameras might prevent a would-be thief from breaking into your car or simply smashing your windows as it sits parked in front of your house. There is an even more important use for his Mobile Watchman system; saving the lives of teenage drivers.

OBS was created simply to satisfy our love for mobile products and the protection and safety of others. The idea was born over 10 years ago when Founder Brian Singer had an unfortunate incident involving his vehicle. Items were stolen and the vehicle vandalized. Surveillance systems were very expensive, not designed for cars and limited in their general use and acceptance, therefore provided no solution. There was no product which could be added to allow for the video monitoring of a vehicle or identifying people around a vehicle. It was only a matter of time before technology would allow for such a device to be created. OBS has created that device.

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